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Birth: 1999
Country: United States
Hair: Brunette
Eye: Hazel
Hi, My name is Mia Kay my hometown is on the east coast I love being out in nature and working out, I love hanging out with friends and going shopping I also love taking selfies. In school I played a lot of sports, I started on the swim team at age 7 and around 16, 17 I beat state records and then I went to nationals and also beat some records there I received a scholarship for swimming due to me beating many records and doing the best I can. I also played volleyball and basketball. I tried my very hardest and gave it all I go. I'm a very friendly outgoing girl and I love meeting new people and I'd like to say I'm a "go getter" when I want something bad enough I go and get it I give it all I got to reach my goal. I have many goals in life and I really hope to achieve them all, I also have many dreams. Want to hear them? I want to go skydiving I want to try stunt driving (I should probably learn how to drive first) lol. I want to try ballet I want to try hockey, I want to try to be a teacher... I pretty much want to try everything I can possibly do at least once in life. I also dream of going to the Bahamas again, I went there once before when I was younger and on a cruise with my grandma but I want to go again! A goal in life I have is to go to pick a degree and go to college. Another goal I have to be 100% successful in life. To give myself the best life I could possibly ask for, that's mainly why I am such a go getter. Wish me luck! Stay tuned!!

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