Aubree Valentine

Aubree Valentine portrait image
Birth: 1998
Country: United States
Hair: Brunette
Eye: Brown
A little bit about me, my name is aubree I was born on April 20th 1997 and I am 23 years young. I have 4 sisters one older and three younger and boy was it hectic growing up. I am originally from southern Utah but I moved to Las Vegas 4 years ago and I absolutely love living in Vegas this is always something to do and good food to be ate. I live there with my three fur babies Nugs, Kdub and Mozzy some things we enjoy doing is hiking, camping and going to the lake really anything we can do outside with our puppies. Aside from being outside I love watching supercross and hanging with friends. I enjoy cooking for my friends and family it's not always the best but I'm defiantly learning and no ones complained to bad yet. I'm also a major super hero fan I could spend days watching marvel movies and I defiantly have. I hope you feel like you know me just a tiny bit better now.

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