April Valentino

April Valentino portrait image
Birth: 2000
Country: United States
Hair: Brunette
Eye: Black
i am loving the white! i should get more tall heels but im just starting to learn how to walk in them properly. im mostly a sneaker girl. i also wasnt making much money working as a nanny for the last few years though i love working with children. im not sure how my porn work will affect that but i dont see why it should. my dad is persian and my mom is american and they kept telling me to go to college and become a lawyer etc. but im not into that. my two other siblings are doing that and im the black sheep of the family i guess. they didnt like that i got tattoos either and maybe it was on purpose i got them where my dad could see them. i think being nice to others and not being judgemental is most important right? well if i had my choice i would work as a teacher in grade school. with covid who knows now. i tried my first anal! if you think my pussy is tight well im much tighter there and it really felt strange pushing something in instead of out. guys have tried to fuck me in the butt but im not having it. i love sex the normal way and im starting to like girls even more. thats another one of the things on my bucket list is to have sex with another girl on camera.

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